Dinosaur Electronics
Thermistor Simulator for Norcold ® Refrigerators

Thermistor Simulator
Price: $42.00
Thermistor simulator for NorcoldĀ® refrigerators

The Thermistor Simulator allows the technician to quickly determine if the electronics are responding properly to changes in thermistor values. Also it allows the Thermistor Simulator to quickly determine if the “Eyebrow” temp setting is communicating with the power board to determine how cool the refrigerator should get.

This Thermistor Simulator for Norcold® refrigerators DOES NOT test thermistors.
It is an “INEXPENSIVE”, “TIME SAVING” trouble shooting Tool to be used by technicians.

For use with most Norcold® refrigerators.

1 year factory warranty.

Dinosaur Electronics testers have a
1 year warranty

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