Dinosaur Electronics

For testing all Dometic® AES boards and Dinosaur Electronics refrigerator
control boards prior to the black box boards and the Micro P-711

When used with the Micro P-711 Exerciser (sold separately)
you can test the Micro P-711 and most Dometic "black box" boards


D-5 Tester
Price: $425.00
  • Incorporates all of the switches and lights to simulate eyebrow operation
  • Low battery button checks freezer mode
  • Tests the valve closure circuits (critical test not performed by other testers)
  • GFI Plug on the power cord
  • Replacement cables available
  • *Use along with the MICRO P-711 Exerciser to test the MICRO P-711
    and all of the DometicĀ® "Black box boards" out of the refrigerator
  • 1 year factory warranty

D-5 Tester

Dinosaur Electronics testers have a
1 year warranty

To order call toll free in the US & Canada: (800)390-3908

For questions about Dinosaur boards for your appliance
email: Roy@RG-Electrospec.com

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