Dinosaur Electronics
AC/Gas Adapter Kit

for Atwood®/Hydroflame® Water Heaters
      AC/Gas Adapter Kit
Price: $40.00

AC/Gas Adapter Kit

Completed kit shown with a Dinosaur Electronics UIB S
(UIB S is sold separately)

The 4+ 6 Pin AC/Gas Adapter board controls the AC and Gas operations from the main water heater control switch. 2 diagnostic LEDs indicate this boards output functions: A Green LED indcates when the board is energizing the ignitor board for Gas operation. A Red LED indicates when board is energizing the AC Relay for 120 Volt AC operation.

The kit includes the 2-tab mounting kit and the 4+6 Pin AC/Gas Adapter Board.

Note: This kit does not include a UIB S Ignitor board needed for operation.

Dinosaur Electronics circuit boards have a
3 year warranty

To order call toll free in the US & Canada: (800)390-3908

For questions about Dinosaur boards for your appliance
email: Roy@RG-Electrospec.com

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